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ARC Committee

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is comprised of homeowner volunteers. It is appointed by the Board of Directors and is generally responsible for maintaining the overall appearance of the community. All exterior modifications must be approved by the ARC using an Architectural Approval Application. The form is available as a download on this website under the "AAA Form" page.

After the form is submitted, the ARC will review the change for compliance with association By-laws/Covenants and "for safety, harmony of external design, color, and location in relation to the surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept of the community".  External modifications include things like decks, door knobs, lanterns, paint, fencing. If a change is made without the ARC's approval, the homeowner may be required to undo the change or possibly be fined unless the discrepancy is rectified. On occasion, violations are not noted until the owner attempts to sell the unit at which time they will have to be corrected.