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Community Awareness

Community Awareness

Why Community Awareness and not Neighborhood Watch.  Having been in the Law Enforcement for over 30 years I find that Neighborhood Watch is overly used and both good guys and bad guys just ignore it when it is called the "Neighborhood Watch". 

It is my experienced that when crime is an issue that attendance at Neighborhood Watch meetings is at it's high. This then becomes another meeting that we feel obligated to attend.  Once a problem is solved then the attendance dwindles off and it isn't much longer that it is the Sheriff and a block captain attending the meetings. Crime returns and meeting attendance corresponds.

So the question is what is neighborhood watch.  It is each of us looking out after one another. Then meeting with the Deputies and discussing problems or prevention.

This brings me to "Community Awareness". I think we can accomplish our goals in the same manner without the formality of an official "Neighborhood Watch Program".  I would like to start by collecting your ideas then incorporating them into this site.  My name is Paul Walters and I'm one of your neighbors here at Rancho La Laguna.  Feel free to contact me via email by clicking here.

Thinking Points

1. Neighborhood Directory (Name, Address, Home Phone, Emergency Address, and e-mail Address)
a. This list would be confidential and only available to us

2. Crime Information (list all crimes and modus of operandi)
a. This information would be shared with Riverside County Sheriff's Office

3. Things that you go hmmmm about

4. Know your neighbor and neighborhood

Report Vandalism Here:

Date/Time first noticed:  *

Location: Retention Basin  Wall off Grand  Other  

If Other, where?  

What is your name and contact information? (Must be a registered member of this website)  *

Graffiti is just the tip of the iceberg.  When you see a garage door left open in the middle of the night do you have a number to call to let the person know their door is open.  Did you see someone in the neighborhood that didn't belong. How do you report it?  What do you need to look out for?  Should we have a surveillance system, a gated community, etc, etc?