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General Guidelines

Note:This page has not been approved by the Review board and is here as a placeholder until the content can be further defined.

Architecture General Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for replacement of various exterior architecture items. Any deviation from these guidelines requires an Architectural Improvement Application and Review Form to be submitted and approved. The form is available here or in the binder supplied to you at the time of your purchase. If an item is not listed, the ARC recommends submitting a review form for approval before any money is spent on something that may need to be replaced.

Building Codes and Zoning Regulations

Homeowners are responsible for compliance with Riverside County requirements.  For more details, please see the Riverside County website.  

Color Scheme

Approved colors for the exterior of houses is documented on the paint colors page.  

Fences and Gates

Fences and gates should only be used to enclose backyards and for no other purpose.  Only natural colored fences and gates should be erected.  Fences may be replaced without the approval of the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) as long as they match the wood and style of the existing fence.  The ARC must approve any other changes.  

Land Contour

Any addition or alteration that could change the existing contour of the land (Example: replacing backyards in tiered brick) needs ARC approval due to drainage considerations.  


All automobiles must display current tags and county registration stickers.  No mechanical maintenance, fluid changes, painting or greasing work may be performed in the community.

Trash Cans/Recycling Containers

Garbage or recycling bins may not be left out on the curb after 8 p.m. on Tuesdays   All garbage must be tied up in plastic bags, or sealed in a trashcan  (black trash bags do help deter birds that pick apart trash bags).  All trashcans and recycling containers must be kept inside the home or in the back yard.  Storing trashcans or recycling containers on the front porch, front yard or side of the house is prohibited.